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How to pay less for International shipping from China?

For more information on how shipping fees are calculated internationally, you may visit our page How shipping fees are calculated?

Pay up to 80% less for shipping from China

instead of having the packages directed separately to your address, receives the packages in China and has them combined for you, you can pay once for international shipping.


After all your packages are delivered to your address in, you can have them Repackaged in one package, which means that you would pay less for shipping works with various companies for international cargo and freight deliveries as DHL, UPS, and Skynet shipping.

You can choose the shipping company that is suitable for you. In addition to our affordable costs, our Premium members get an extra 20% discount on their posts.

With our Repackaging and package consolidation services, you avoid oversized packages and high shipping costs with up to 80% off.

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